Our planet is in trouble. Climate change is a very serious problem, if we don't do something now, our precious planet could be permanently changed forever, seriously impacting life on Earth for generations to come. If you'd like to do your bit for the environment, why not consider recycling services from Advanced Waste Solutions?

Protect Our Precious Planet. Do Your Bit To Protect It With Recycling Service

All of us want to help the planet. It can however, be difficult to think of ways you can make a significant benefit to the environment. After all, there are hundreds of power stations emitting pollutants into the air and hundreds of cargo ships sailing the seas. What can just one person/business do to help the environment?

We understand this concern. Some businesses produce so much Co2 you might wonder what the point is in making the effort to protect the planet. However, did you know that methane gas is roughly 30 times more powerful than Co2? In terms of a heat-trapping gas, Methane is far more effective than Carbon Dioxide. Food waste produces methane. Just think about how much food waste you produce in a month. If all of that waste was recycled, that's a significant difference that you can make.

Don't just think of your carbon footprint, think of all the steps you take and any negative impacts they may have on our planet. Climate change is a very serious danger that we have to address quickly. Just look at these satellite observations of the Arctic sea ice from 1979-2015 by NASA.

Global warming is just the tip of the iceberg. After the temperature increase, the environment will change. Impacting how we grow our food, the ecosystem in which animals live, it increases the chance of wildfires and brings drought to populations of people, removing their precious water supplies. Climate change is very real and very serious, so no matter how small your contribution is, it is very important that you do whatever you can to try and prevent it.

Why Is Landfill Such A Terrible Option?

For generations people have been taking their rubbish to landfill. Why change, after all out of sight out of mind, right?

The answer is simple, it is hurting the planet. Bio-degradable materials in landfill rot and produce methane gas which is a very strong greenhouse gas. Landfills also produce a liquid known as leachate. This liquid is produced when rainwater falls on the landfill and drains down the waste. This turns the rainwater into a highly toxic liquid that can polite the land and water. This also leads to higher costs because a specialist waste management company is needed in order to remove the toxic liquid waste.

You might think that recycling is inconvenient, but with recycling services from Advanced Waste Solutions, it couldn't be any simpler. We'll take care of your waste, and you can prioritise your time running your business.

At Advanced Waste Solutions we recognise that landfill is a terrible idea and as such, landfill is our last resort.

Recycling, How Does It Help?

With all the damage being done to our planet, it can be difficult to understand how recycling could possibly help. How can putting paper in a waste paper bin possibly help prevent flooding, wildfires and other natural disasters?

Creating paper from recycled paper uses far less energy than the raw source. It also means fewer trees have to be cut down. Although many would argue that wood from sustainable forests is a sustainable resource, the fewer trees we have to cut down the better.

The key to understanding the power of recycling is scale. One recycled glass bottle saves enough energy to power a computer for around 25 minutes. Quite impressive, but it becomes even more impressive when you think, “How much energy would 100 bottles save, or 1000 bottles? Add this onto your food recycling, your paper recycling, various kinds of plastic and your metal recycling. It all adds up. What you originally read as 25 minutes has now become a much larger amount of energy saved.

The EU target for 2020 is for member states to recycle 50% of their household waste by 2020. During 2010 we recycled 40.4% of our household waste, however in according to the latest figures; in 2014 we recycled 44.9% of household waste. The country might have voted in favour of leaving the European Union, but the 2020 target of recycling 50% household waste is still a fantastic target to aim for.

Some Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on recycling:

Recycling Services From Advanced Waste Solutions

Recycling is a fantastic way for you to reduce your impact on the planet. Not only does it save precious resources and reduce pollution, it can also save you money too. The more people recycle, the more readily available recycled products are. Recycled products are cheaper to produce and thus savings are passed onto the consumer. It's not just eco-smart to recycle, it is money smart.

If you're interested in our recycling services please give us a call. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. You can reach us by phone on 01202 870833 or alternatively if you'd rather discuss your waste management via email, please send your email to mail@aws.uk.com.

Style have regional offices throughout the UK and have found dealing with the team at AWS a pleasure – quite simply, they take all the pain away and provide an excellent service that allows us to concentrate on our business but having the assurance we have a reliable partner who takes care of our waste issues professionally.

- Julian Sargent, Style South -

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