A tattoo studio produces a wide variety of different types of waste such as hazardous waste and sharps. Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd provides a variety of waste services, one such service is waste collection for tattooists. A waste solution in compliance with current legislation, giving you peace of mind.

Clinical Waste Produced From A Tattoo Studio

Tattoo studios produce a diverse range of body art. The tattooist is an artist who creates body art with a needle, which after use needs to be disposed of. Any items contaminated with bodily fluids or human tissue (such as used needles), need to be disposed of in a method that is fully compliant with current legislation.

Items contaminated with bodily fluids or human issue such as (but not limited to) used needles, towels, wipes, swabs and any other contaminated items need to be disposed of in a careful and legally compliant manner. As such it is important to discuss a waste management solution with a business that offers waste collection for tattooists.

The above list is not exhaustive, if you would like more information regarding clinical waste within a tattoo studio, please contact our team on 01202 870833.

The Importance Of Waste Management

Tattoo studios need to be a clean and hygienic environment. This means that you need to effectively and efficiently manage a variety of different types of waste. Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd is here to help with our waste collection for tattooists service. We have many years of experience providing a variety of waste management services, so with a waste management solution from Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd, you can relax with peace of mind knowing that your waste is handled in a responsible and legally compliant manner.

It is very important that you dispose of your waste responsibly. For example, if you do not use a correct method of sharps disposal, used sharps could be sent to a landfill or sewage treatment centre, where they could pose a serious health risk. So it is very important that you dispose of sharps and any other forms of hazardous or clinical waste in a responsible and ethical manner.

The Wide Variety Of Services Offered By Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd

As previously stated, we offer a wide variety of waste management services. Some of the many services we offer include (but are not limited to):

An End To End Service

Our service is managed in compliance with current waste legislation, including electronic proof of service and documentation using our fantastic IT system. We update your account following every transaction of your waste, from collection to disposal.

Thanks to such a variety of services, we can offer a wide range of services to accommodate your needs. With our mix of solutions, we can accommodate even the most complex of waste requirements.

A Solution That's Right For You

We spend time to understand customers and their facilities. Every customer is unique and as such every customer's needs are unique. By spending time with customers and understanding their unique needs, we can design a complete service to meet these needs.

Why Should You Choose A Waste Management Solution From Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd?

A waste management solution from Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd has many advantages, some of which are:

Manage Waste From Your Tattoo Studio In A Responsible Manner, Compliant With Legislation. Give Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd A Call Today!

Managing the waste produced by tattoo studios can be a difficult and challenging task, but Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd are up to the challenge.

Over our many years of experience we have provided a variety of waste solutions to a variety of businesses. If you would like to enquire about our waste collection services, if you would like more information regarding waste management, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask our team, please contact our team today.

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