Landscaping your garden can not only make your home a much more enjoyable place to be, but it can also help to add real value to your property. One of the main issues which can put people off from performing any large-scale gardening is the sheer amount of waste that such a project will create. Removing this waste can be a difficult and extremely long process and some providers of waste management services are unwilling to deal with large quantities of garden waste.

Here at Advanced Waste Solutions, we are proud to offer reliable skip hire in Bournemouth to ensure that you can renovate your garden space this spring, and get your brand new garden design ready for the heights of summer!

Planning A Major Garden Project This Spring?

If you are going to reorder your garden, or finally deal with all that overgrowth which has appeared over winter, then you're going to need the best skip hire. There are many kinds of organic waste which can be recycled effectively into compost or soil improver.

Composting on a large scale is now an extremely attractive alternative to landfill or burning. For garden waste in particular, this is a completely naturalprocess which makes sense on every level. It is important, when dealing with garden waste, that you choose a provider of skip hire in Bournemouth that will endeavour to deal with it in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Dealing With Large Amounts Of Garden Waste

Of course, one of the most effective ways to deal with your garden waste is to compost it yourself. If you are performing moderate or low-levels of garden work on a regular basis, then it can be fairly easy to keep on top of the waste you produce, and compost it in the wheelie-bins provided by your local authority.

However, if you are preparing to undertake any major garden work, you need to make the most of eco-friendly skip hire. Whilst it can be easy to deal with small amounts of organic waste, as soon as you get a few shovels full of soil and a number of broken tree branches, it can quickly become a problem.

It is important that you avoid putting your soil or organic waste in plastic bags wherever possible, as this can occasionally contaminate the soil and make it unsuitable for reprocessing into compost or mulch.

The Range Of Skips Available For Domestic Garden Waste

Here at AWS, we are able to provide a range of traditional skips which are suitable for a variety of garden wastes, including soil, tree branches and uprooted plants. Although we offer skips of up to 16 cubic yards, many larger skips are unsuitable for heavy forms of waste including soil.

We recommend that you choose a traditional skip of no larger than 6 or 8 yards3 if you need to dispose of a large quantity of soil. This will enable our operators to lift the skip easily whilst still allowing space for leaves and branches. If you have large tree trunks to dispose of, please contact us where one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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