Advanced Waste Solutions was awarded a lucrative contract in Trowbridge. The construction project involved the building of a new local centre for the town of Trowbridge with works beginning later this year.Our company put together a specialist waste management plan for this company and their unique project. The waste management plan ensures that all waste produced on this site is carefully logged then disposed of as required.

What will occur during the Trowbridge construction project?

All construction projects regardless of the size or length produce a substantial amount of waste. Over the years, at Advanced Waste Solutions we have found that a majority of waste produced during construction projects can be recycled and used for other purposes. Every construction company has a duty to ensure all waste is disposed or recycled of through the right channels.

To ensure complete compliance with the waste management plans put in force by Advanced Waste Solutions, our company designed a SWMP or otherwise known as a Site Waste Management Plan Legislation. We designed the plan to coincide with the detailed construction plan and its date so that it fitted in seamlessly to the project.

As part of the SWMP, Advanced Waste Solutions identified the specific types of waste that would be produced during this project in Trowbridge. Also included within this plan was a detailed plan of where each particular type of wastage would be disposed of through which route. The plan also included whether that particular material could be recycled through our dedicated facilities or elsewhere.

How does the SWMP benefit this project in Trowbridge?

  • The wondrous benefit of the SWMP is that it gave the company in question a wonderful advantage in being able to prove to governmental legislators and inspectors that all waste created during the project was being properly disposed of in the right places.
  • A great benefit of the SWMP is that it is extremely easy to use and can be used virtually anywhere! The only requirements for updating the system is that there is a good internet connection and a device to connect to the internet- a phone, tablet, laptop or PC can all be used to update the system.
  • A SWMP helps gives construction companies a dedicated plan where waste routes are all located properly. By choosing this plan which has a focus on recycling, the overall image of the company will be boosted in the long run due to the green credentials. This is something that will boost the company's overall reputation.
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