AWS awarded new development of 18 exclusive homes in Kempsford

In February 2015, AWS was awarded an exclusive contract in the development of 18 exclusive new homes. The project is based in Kempsford, which is a sleepy village in Gloucestershire. The village itself is known as being the gateway to the Cotswolds Hill, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Over the course of the next 16 months, our company will be involved in transporting waste from the site and disposing of it in the proper channels and with the right certification.

What is involved in the project?

During any development project, regardless of the project details, it is imperative that all waste created during any project is disposed of through the proper channels. Failing to do so will incur high government fines. AWS created a Site Waste Management Plan Legislation (SWMP) for this project that detailed the waste that would be produced during the project; how much waste would be produced and how the waste types would be disposed of. Finally, we located the exact routes of each waste disposal.

AWS created a Site Waste Management Plan Legislation (SWMP) which includes the following:

  • Amount of waste to be produced
  • Types of waste that will be produced
  • Disposal channels for site waste
  • Exact waste routes for each waste type

During every month of the project, our company will create monthly reports that detail all waste movements from the site and their exact location.

To speed up the development process, we will put in place a computerised online system which has been designed for ease of access and a simple, easy way to record data. The system can be accessed in any place with a computer or a mobile with a good internet connection. Such is the ease of the system.

Why use SWMP during your development project?

SWMP offers development contractors a fully traceable plan for all waste produced during the development of their project. Many contractors find that a SWMP helps save time during their project in a variety of ways. A SWMP will ensure that all waste is properly sorted from the beginning and then transported to the relevant waste facility thus saving time.

A SWMP in place will ensure that your development agency is keeping to the government regulations and disposing of waste in the proper fashion. By ensuring waste is recycled through the proper facilities will also be beneficial for the image of your company and will attract more business, as contracts are often handed out to customers who have proven to be environmentally friendly. Another benefit of a SWMP is that your company will be helping the environment in the long run by ensuring that waste is recycled through the right channels. The SWMP will allow your company to save money in the long run by saving money on waste costs.

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