Advanced Waste Solutions bid on a very prestigious contract early this year and were awarded the contract last week. The contract involved one of the largest developers of housing in the United Kingdom who is constructing 11 new prestigious homes in Liphook.

AWS is in charge of ensuring that all waste produced on the site and waste movements are logged and accounted for during the project.

What will happen during the construction of the new homes in Liphook?

Due to the nature of construction work, it is only natural that a fair amount of rubbish is produced during the construction process in Liphook. All construction companies have a responsibility to ensure that all rubbish is accounted and disposed of through the correct channels.

Advanced Waste Solutions created a dedicated plan that fitted in with the construction plan created by the developer. A waste plan is vital for any construction project and will enable the previously mentioned company to comply with the relevant government rules and legislations. AWS identified the types of waste that would be produced during this project in Liphook. We also identified the disposal channels and disposal spots.

To ensure that the company complied with the necessary government legislation, we produced a bespoke Site Waste Management Plan Legislation or otherwise abbreviated to SWMP. As mentioned previously, this plan allowed the company to identify waste produced and the waste disposal channels.

The Site Waste Management Plan Legislation is designed to provide the developer in Liphook with an easy-to-use system. The system can be accessed wherever there is a reliable internet connection and completed with a laptop, mobile or computer. The SWMP is an accessible and straightforward system.

How will the SWMP benefit the Liphook construction project?

  • The SWMP has been designed to provide our client's project in Liphook with a traceable and simple waste management plan.
  • This plan can be shown to government inspectors upon request and will show that the construction project is following the necessary government waste regulations.
  • A benefit of the SWMP is that it has helped create an environmentally friendly image for the construction company.
  • A traceable and accountable SWMP with a priority on recycling will boost the reputation of all companies. It can also help attract new business in the future for the construction company.
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