The Estádio Olímpico João Havelange, home of athletics during the Rio 2016 Olympics can hold 46,931 spectators. Even if only half of them decide to have a snack during an event that's still a lot of food waste that needs to be carefully managed. Commercial waste management is essential in order to ensure that major sporting events such as the Olympics can be ran safely and hygienically.

It's not just waste created by spectators that's an issue for waste management at Rio 2016, there are numerous concerns regarding the waterways of Rio de Janeiro.

The Waterways Of Rio - Poor Waste Management

Contaminated with dangerous viruses and bacteria, many may be at risk of getting seriously ill from swimming in the water. The Independent wrote “Swimmers need to ingest only three teaspoons of water to be almost certain of contracting a virus". These levels of viral content are so high they're vastly above what would be considered a cause for concern in Europe, so what is being done about it?

Some proposed solutions consist of temporarily treating the water with plants and creating a wetland environment using nylon fishing nets. These initiatives have been backed by the World Bank and the Dutch Development Bank.

It's unsure if the issues with pollution will be 'fixed' before the start of the Olympics. Brazil is suffering from the worst recession since the 1930s. To help reduce risks of illness, athletes have been taking various preventative measures. Such as: bleaching oars, wearing plastic suits and gloves and preventative antibiotics. However, antibiotics only help the body fight against bacterial infections, not viral infections.

Waste Management for UK Sporting Events

At home in the UK, we do not suffer from the levels of water pollution currently effecting Rio de Janeiro. Here many of our waste management issues are regarding recycling and landfill, limiting our greenhouse gas emissions and trying to ensure that our waste management plans are as effective and least disruptive as possible.

It's easy to consider letting ourselves off lightly when we see our clear waters compared to those currently circling the media from Rio, but every nation has its part to play in making the world as sustainable as possible.

For example, food waste can be a massive problem for the environment if not handled correctly. Food waste in landfill emits methane gas. When people thinkof greenhouse gas emissions they often imagine large fossil fuel power stations pumping gasses into the atmosphere; however methane is roughly 30 times more powerful of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. So by recycling food waste into compost or bio-fuel, we can help make this planet as sustainable as possible.

Recycling is but one tool in a waste management company's toolbox. A wide variety of services are needed in order to ensure the safety of large sporting events in the UK. Here at AWS we offer a street sweeper rental service. No matter how many waste bins you place at a sporting event, there will often be guests who simply refuse to use them, instead choosing to litter on the ground.

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