AWS was awarded an exclusive refurbishment contract beginning in late December for a prestigious shop fitter's job. The job is based in Central London and will take place over a period of several months. Due to the location of the shop, the project has a great deal of prestige.

AWS is responsible for removing and transporting waste produced during the project and accounting for the transportation of all waste; we will also ensure that all waste is logged and accounted for during the refurbishment project.

What will happen during the refurbishment?

During any refurbishment project, a substantial amount of waste can be produced, and it is the duty of the company to ensure that the waste is accounted for and disposed of through the right channels.

To ensure compliance with government legislation during the refurbishment works, AWS has constructed a bespoke Site Waste Management Plan Legislation (SWMP) for the London refurbishment project.

The SWMP was used specifically to do the following:

  • Locate the amount that will be produced on site
  • Source the location of waste disposals spots
  • Identify waste types that will be produced

Our SWMP system encompasses a digital online system that is remarkably easy to use and can be accessed via desktop/laptop/other mobile devices. Wherever there is an internet connection, the database can be used in a variety of locations and will enable the company to track and locate all waste removals.

How SWMP will benefit this refurbishment work?

The SWMP will allow your company to create a record of all transportation of waste from the refurbishment site. If required, this detailed log will contain dates of transportation and what was transported alongside the destination can be shown to government inspectors; thus showing how your company has complied with the relevant waste regulations.

By ensuring your company, has a SWMP in place will provide many benefits, in the long run. It will allow your company to present an environmentally friendly image that customers will find appealing. Ensuring most of the waste produced by your company is recycled and accounted for will boost your overall company's reputation.

By making sure all waste created during the waste removal process is recycled through a wide range of channels will help to save money as well as presenting an environmentally friendly image for the company.

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