Waste Management Art And Design Building At The Bedales School In Petersfield Hampshire

Advanced Waste Solutions was recently awarded an exclusive waste management award for a £4 million pound project. The waste management project is centred on a new Art and Design building for the Bedales School which is situated in Petersfield, Hampshire.

AWS is in charge of ensuring that all waste produced during the project is properly identified for and then transported to the correct facility during the project.

What will happen in the project?

All new projects will create a substantial amount of waste and companies must ensure that this waste is disposed of through the proper channels.

Advanced Waste Solutions has created a unique Site Waste Management Plan Legislation or SWMP for this exclusive project in Petersfield, Hampshire. From the onset, AWS identified the types and amounts of waste that would be produced during the course of construction. As part of the SWMP, the specific recycling points and waste disposals locations that would be used over the course of the project were also identified.

To ensure the waste management during the project runs smoothly, AWS has also put a SWMP online system in place during the project. This system is noted for being easy to use and can be accessed through a range of devices provided the device in question is connected to the internet. This will allow for the waste to be easily tracked and allow for clear accountability.

How will the SWMP benefit this building project?

The SWMP offers projects a clear log of all waste produced and transported from the project site in Hampshire. The SWMP can be used to show government inspectors how waste is being disposed from the site and will ensure that the project is complying with the governmental regulations on waste disposal.

There are many benefits of having a SWMP in place during the project. A big benefit of the SWMP is that it offers clear accountability for all waste produced on-site. Another benefit of the SWMP is that it will help to create an image of the new project as environmentally friendly and will increase the overall reputation of the school. In addition, the SWMP will also allow the project to save money by allowing for recycling to be conducted in the exclusive project

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