Over the years, we have provided skip hire services to a wide variety of businesses and individuals, and you'd be surprised how many tend to make the samemistakes. When it comes to your own Roll On Roll Off (RoRo), or traditional, skip hire in Poole, you need to make sure that you chose the correct type of skip best suited to your project.

So, before you pick up the phone, make sure that you've asked yourself these 10 questions which might affect your skip hire!

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Skip!

What Size Skip Will I Need?

It is absolutely essential that you choose the right size of skip for your requirements. If you choose too large a model, you can run the risk of wasting money and space, but too small a waste solution and you'll be forced to hire another. Either of these options can be devastating to your budget, and can delay your entire project.

We can provide traditional skips of up to 16 cubic yards, and much larger RoRo skips of up to 40 cubic yards.

What Style Of Skip Will I Need?

The two most common types of skip that we provide are traditional and Roll On Roll Off. Traditional skips are the kind you are likely to see outside a domestic construction or refurbishment project, whereas a RoRo has a much greater storage capacity and is suitable for much larger projects. We are also able to offer open and closed skips, depending on the waste that you will be putting in the skip.

Do I Have The Space For A Skip?

Despite their compact design which has gone unchanged for many years, skips are still extremely bulky pieces of waste management equipment. It can often be difficult to find the space to put a skip, particularly if you're undergoing a domestic refurbishment project. If you can't fit a skip on your property, then it may be necessary to obtain a skip permit to allow you to place your skip on public property, such as the pavement or road.

What Will I Be Putting In The Skip?

Different skips designs and sizes are suitable for different materials. For example, you can't place a lot of soil or gravel in larger skips, as they can quickly become too heavy for the operator to collect. There are certain materials which should never be put into skips with other waste, including:

  • Tyres;
  • Paint;
  • Plasterboard;
  • Batteries;
  • Medical Waste;
  • Asbestos;
  • Other Harmful Materials;

If you're concerned about the suitability of your waste, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team before hiring your skip.

What Is My Budget?

It is important to ensure that you allocate sufficient costs within your budget to receive the best skip hire service. AWS provide high-quality waste management at the best value with an unbeatable service.

How Long Will I Need The Skip For?

Making sure you book your skip for the right amount of time is essential. At AWS, we can arrange to pickup or exchange your skip when it's full, allowing you to continue with your project on-schedule. Please consult with AWS to ensure your requirements are met.

Are There Any Other Ways Of Disposing Of Goods?

There are a range of other waste management solutions which you can use if your waste is unsuitable for the best skip hire in Poole. If for example you have any hazardous wastes to dispose of such as asbestos or WEEE waste, AWS can help. Just call AWS where one of our representatives will be happy to assist and advise the best solution for your needs.

Could I Save Money By Working With Neighbours?

If you're conducting a domestic refurbishment or construction project, you can often save money by agreeing to share your skip with your neighbours. By pooling funds together, you can hire a larger skip which is suitable for both of your requirements. It can also be a great solution if you're limited as to where you could store your skip, but your neighbour has plenty of space.

Have I Booked Far Enough In Advance?

Ensuring that you book in advance can mean that you get the best service and that your skip can be delivered on time. This can really help to keep your project on track.

Am I Getting The Best Deal?

When it comes to skip hire in Poole, you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. AWS provide the best possible value and customer service for homeowners in Poole!

Get In Touch With Advanced Waste Solutions Today For The Best Skip Hire In Poole!

Here at AWS, we are proud to offer high-quality skip hire in Poole to businesses and individuals. For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01202 870833. Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns to mail@aws.uk.com today, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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