Are you clearing out or working on a property in Poole?

Do you need to get rid of large amounts of waste?

Then to make your life easier and to save yourself from making many trips to the dump you will need one of AWS' many skips. Our skips come in a wide range of sizes and will make your life noticeably easier. So for the best and most diverse skip hire Poole options, AWS is the company to select.

Our Poole skip hire services

At AWS, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a huge selection of skip hire services to meet all of their skip hire in Poole needs. So whether you require a skip for a short or a longer term, we have the perfect skip to meet your needs.

AWS can supply skips for customers in a wide range of sizes. So if you need a skip for a smaller clear out then we have a great range of smaller skips like our 2 yard open skip which can hold up to 30 bin bags. If you require something a little bit bigger the 6 yard open skip is perfect for holding up to 60 bin bags.

However, if you are planning a larger clear out of rubbish and trade waste, we are able to supply larger skips and multiple skips on requests. Our largest skip is the 16 yard open skip which can hold up to 160 bin bags. If this is too big for the nature of the works in your property, AWS can provide the skip that is perfect for your works. If you would like more detailed information about the sizing of our skips, we have a detailed graphic of our skip services available by following here.

Benefits of our skip hire

Are you planning to produce a certain amount of waste over a time period? Then a skip from AWS is a wise investment as you will save lots of money that would be spent on repeat car journeys to dump waste at the skip. A benefit for many customers is that hiring a skip is a preferable option to transporting building waste in their car which can damage your car and its interiors.

A skip is a far safer option for dumping and transporting trade and general waste. Loading up a vehicle like a van or a car with waste in particular trade waste is extremely risky. There is a huge risk of injury from the goods involved due to factors such as sharp edges or weight.

Another risk is that overloading your can or van can have a negative effect on the vehicle itself and could damage not only the interior but external working parts. Whereas having a skip, removes all danger from yourself and staff.

When you hire a Poole skip from AWS, our staff will ensure that your hired skip is placed in the best position so that you can easily transport waste to the skip with no hindrance. If you require the skip to be placed on a public highway, our staff will ensure that your skip has a public highway license so that you can focus on more important matters.

We also provide an out-of-hours service for customers that require skips delivered at alternative times.

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For more information on our Poole Skip hire services, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. If you require a quotation for skip hire click here and a member of staff will get in contact with you shortly. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to a member of staff now for more information, our details can be found on our contact page. So for peace of mind whilst clearing or working on a Poole property, look no further than AWS.

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