Hazardous waste management and hazardous waste legislation can be very confusing. As such it can be helpful to seek professional advice and the services of a skilled waste management company.

6 Hazardous Waste Management Tips

1. Identify Your Waste

Identifying your waste is very important. Many items of waste require specialist treatment and as such, waste identification is very important. If you're unsure if you waste is classified as hazardous or not, give us a call Our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry; you can reach them on 01202 870833.

2. Pay Attention To Waste Legislation

It isn't just The Waste regulations and The Hazardous Waste Regulations that you need to comply with. You also need to comply with numerous other pieces of legislation such as The WEEE regulations and until the Brexit negotiation process is completed and more information regarding whether or not the UK will still need to comply with EU legislation, you will also need to comply with the relevant pieces of EU Waste Legislation.

If you find waste legislation difficult to understand, do not worry because a professional waste management company such as can help. At AWS we have a fantastic service to dispose of the hazardous waste produced by your business. Additionally we also have trained personnel available to help with providing advice with regards to existing legislation. Our personnel can both help explain what is needed to comply with existing legislation and they can also provide advice on how to prepare for future changes in legislation.

3. Is Your Waste Electronic?

Some items of hazardous waste are also considered electrical or electronic waste. In this case, you also need to abide by the WEEE Regulations, as discussed above. This means that there are additional rules governing the disposal of your waste which you must comply with. If you're confused about the legislation that governs the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment, then contact a trained professional and enquire about WEEE disposal.

4. Think About The Environment

When deciding on a waste disposal solution for your hazardous waste, consider what impacts on the environmental any proposed disposal solutions may have. Our environment is precious, so it is important that you choose a waste management service that considers the impact that your business's waste has on the planet.

There are lots of ways that you can reduce your impact on the planet. For example, you could increase recycling, you could prevent items from becoming waste or you could reuse items.

5. Speak To A Skilled Professional

Talking to a skilled professional waste management company is a very important part of hazardous waste management.

There are numerous benefits to choosing a hazardous waste disposal service from Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd. We can provide a professional and legally compliant service to manage the hazardous waste produced by your business. For example, if your business requires hazardous waste removing from a construction site, we can provide clip top drums or IBCs for mastics, paint tins, aerosols or oily rags.

If you are unsure if the business that you are speaking to is a legitimate waste management business, you can check their waste carrier licence by using the Environment Agency's website. After clicking the link, you can type in the name of the business and you can see if they are listed or not. For example if you search for Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd, you'll discover that we are registered as a Carrier, Broker, Dealer - Upper Tier. You can also view our waste carrier licence by visiting our downloads page.

6. Make Sure That You Dispose Of Your Waste In A Responsible Manner

Hazardous waste can be very dangerous. So talk to AWS and we will not only provide you with a high quality waste disposal service, we will also, if necessary, register your premises with the Environmental Agency.

Searching For A Professional Waste Solution To Manage The Hazardous Waste Produced By Your Business?

If you're searching for ways to manage and dispose of the hazardous waste produced by your business, give us a call. We understand that hazardous waste disposal and waste legislation can be difficult for many businesses to understand.

Why should you choose AWS? At Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd, you can benefit from unrivalled nationwide customer service from our friendly and efficient team. Additionally, we have an industry leading IT system and a customer portal that allows you to access your documents and reports 24/7.

Numerous professionals throughout the UK put their trust in Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd. If you would like to learn more about how a professional waste management company such as AWS could help you manage your waste by providing a professional and legally compliant waste disposal service, please get into touch.

Our friendly and dedicated team will be happy to provide you with additional information regarding the services available from Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd. So if you have any questions about waste legislation, waste management or how your waste will be disposed of; speak to us today.

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