Advanced Waste Solutions recently won a waste management contract for a large housing development to the North of Salisbury.

In any large-scale housing development, a waste management plan must be put in place to ensure total compliance with government regulations and a fully traceable route for the disposal of waste produced on the site.

What will happen during the Salisbury house development project?

Due to the nature of the work involved, construction projects will produce a significant amount of waste. Advanced Waste Solutions have found over the years that a majority of waste produced on construction sites can be recycled in a more cost-effective manner. Construction companies are obliged by law to ensure all waste is disposed of in the proper fashion.

AWS created a unique Site Waste Management Plan Legislation or otherwise known as the SWMP for this large housing development in Salisbury. Our plan was created in line with the individual development stages within the housing development project and the types of waste produced at every stage.

Advanced Waste Solutions has produced a specific SWMP for the housing development in Salisbury. As part of the plan, AWS identified the particular types of waste that will be produced during the construction project and the wastes routes for each waste type. Thus, this creates a fully traceable waste disposal plan.

The benefits of our waste management services

For our client, the obvious benefit of the SWMP was a clear traceable waste management plan that outlined types of wasted produced on-site and the disposal routes for each type of waste.

  • This gave the developers peace of mind with regards to waste disposal on their site.
  • An additional benefit for companies in using an SWMP created by AWS is that it is evidence of compliance for government inspectors.
  • Many companies find that the SWMP helps improves their overall image and gives them a good environmentally friendly image. This is due to the SWMP's focus on recycling all waste materials.
  • Another benefit of the SWMP is that it can be used wherever there is an internet connection and device to connect to the internet. So whether you are accessing the online SWMP through a laptop, PC or phone, as long as there is an internet connection you will be able to update the SWMP anywhere!

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