Construction projects can generate a lot of waste which has to be managed in a responsible and legally compliant manner. However, as each construction project is different, some can find construction waste management confusing and complicated. To make things simpler, here is a quick list of 6 tips for managing the waste generated by your construction project.

Construction Waste Management; 6 Quick Tips

1. Do You Need A Site Clearance Service Before Works Begin?

Some projects only require waste removal services after the construction works have begun, whereas other projects require a disposal solution for the waste already present on the site before works have started.

If you require a site clearance service, do not worry; AWS Ltd can provide a professional and legally compliant site clearance service to manage and dispose of the waste present on your construction site.

2. Identify The Different Types Of Waste That Will Be Generated By The Works
The next step is to identify the different types of waste that yourconstruction works will generate. This will help you to create a wastemanagement plan for the project.

For example, if you are generating a lot of waste wood, it could be beneficial to hire a skip that is dedicated solely to the disposal of wood.

Additionally if you are generating any hazardous waste, it is very important that you utilise a hazardous waste removal service in order to safely dispose of the hazardous waste in a manner that complies with waste legislation.

3. Segregate Your Waste
After you've identified the waste that will be produced, you can segregate your waste. This will help you to dispose of your waste in a more responsible manner.

Like in the above example in point 2, if you are disposing of a large amount ofwood; you can hire a suitably sized skipthat is designated solely for the disposal of wood.

Waste segregation makes it much easier to follow the waste hierarchy, allowingyou to maximise your recycling, reuse and waste prevention; minimising theamount of waste that you send to landfill.

4. Read Relevant Legislation And / Or Seek Professional Advice
There are numerous pieces of regulation that govern the management anddisposal of waste. It is very important that you comply with all relevantpieces of waste legislation.

We understand that legislation can be difficult to understand.As such we have trained personnel available to provide advice with regards to existing legislation such as The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 and numerous other pieces of legislation including EU Waste Legislation. Our staff can explain what is needed to comply with waste legislation and also give you advice with regards to how to prepare for any changes in legislation.

5. Choose A Responsible Waste Management Business
When you're choosing a business to manage your construction waste, it is very important to choose a responsible waste management business.

Make sure that any business you choose to provide you with a construction waste management service is a licensed waste management business. If you would like to check if a business is licensed or not, you can do so by visiting the Environment Agency's website. Here you'll be able to enter the name of the business and check if they are licensed or not. For example, if you enter “Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd", you'll discover that we are licensed as a “Carrier, Broker,Dealer - Upper Tier". If you would like to view our waste carrier's licence, you can do so by visiting our downloads page and viewing our Statutory section.

Failure to choose a responsible and reputable waste management business could result in serious consequences. If your construction waste isn't disposed of by a responsible and licensed waste management professional, it could be disposed of unethically, possibly even fly tipped!

The punishments for fly tipping can be very serious. If you are caught in the act of fly tipping, you could be issued a penalty notice of up to £400. So it is very important that you only trust a licensed waste management business to dispose of your construction waste.

Consider The Environment

The environment is very important, therefore it is crucial that you choose a business that provides a construction waste management service that disposes of waste in a responsible manner.

Numerous things contribute to climate change and waste in landfill is indeed one of them. You can help to do you bit for the environment by choosing a business such as Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd that is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. You can read more about our commitment to Halving Waste to Landfill, by visiting our downloads page.

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