The Disposal of Dental Gypsum

Due to new changes in the law, it is now illegal to dispose of dental gypsum amongst general waste.

However, as recent as five years ago it was perfectly fine to do so.

Back then, if waste contained less than 10% gypsum, there was no stringent requirement for it to be discarded separately from other biodegradable waste.

Such practice is no longer tolerated.

Dental practitioners and other associated staff, working at related sites, must be prepared to assess the risks of dental gypsum accordingly.

What are the risks of gypsum disposal?

New legislations take into consideration the alarming interactions between gypsum and bio-degradable waste.

The pair can become a deadly mix, produce hydrogen sulphide gas that is both toxic and odorous.

This produced chemical compound will almost certainly have serious ramifications on public health and safety.

In its initial state, gypsum is inert. However, it's a sulfate mineral, which makes it highly absorbent.

Here is where the true danger lies, as water absorption brings about hardening, damage and the onset of deterioration.

Where else can gypsum products be found?

This introduces the subsequent risk of gypsum dust being emitted into the atmosphere.

No matter what the substance might be, inhaling heavy particulate matter is always highly dangerous.

But it's not just dentists who are at risk of misunderstanding new disposal laws.

Gypsum is a material used in the construction of wall boards for homes and other buildings. Plaster of Paris and cement contains this mineral. Other uses are found in the agricultural industry.

This makes a host of industry workers liable for the safe removal of gypsum.

How to dispose of dental gypsum

For the securest disposal possible you should always turn to the expertise of professionals.

Those who provide clinical and sanitary waste disposal services.

Our dedicated skip hire service is committed to recycling as much waste as possible to help protect the environment.

This now includes gypsum waste.

In line with legislation set out by the Environment Agency, we are able to collect your dental gypsum and pass it on for re-processing into gypsum powder BS EN PAS 109.

All salvaged mineral will be repurposed through the manufacture of new plasterboard, cement, gypsum moulds plus other uses in the agricultural industry.

Our Disposal services

Advance Waste Solutions Ltd are able to supply an expedient service to dental practices.

This includes:

  • Small bag holds up to 25-30 kg (suitable for storage inside)
  • £28.00 plus vat per bag
  • All paperwork, which will confirm 100% compliance included

Options available for larger quantities. We'd be happy to discuss this with you.

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