The disposal of e-waste has many dangers. Firstly there are environmental concerns, many electrical and electronic items can be hazardous to the environment. Additionally there are also privacy and security concerns regarding any sensitive data that may be held on waste electrical and electronic items. As such, it is very important that you responsibly dispose of your e-waste using a professional and legally compliant WEEE Recycling service.

E-waste in the News

There was a recent story in the news regarding e-waste. The story is about a man who has 7,500 bitcoins on a hard drive, which could be worth $75million! However, the hard drive is located below 200,000 tonnes of garbage at a landfill! (Source

The Dangers of E-Waste Disposal

e-waste disposal can be very dangerous. As discussed above, irresponsible disposal of electronic and electrical materials could have a negative impact on the environment and it could also raise concerns regarding the security of digital data.

Dangers Regarding Digital Data

Digital data plays an important role in our 21st century society and the information held on electronic and electrical items needs to be protected. As such, when it is time to dispose of those items, the sensitive and confidential information held on those items needs to be safely disposed of.

It should however be noted that simply deleting information is not enough; information can still potentially be recovered even when 'deleted'from a computer. As such, if you choose to use a professional waste management business to provide a WEEE Recycling service, make sure that you only trust a reputable and licensed business to manage your business' waste. After all, you wouldn't want your e-waste to be fly tipped and/or potentially be obtained by criminals.

If you would like to learn more information regarding confidential data and WEEE recycling, you can do so by reading our blog titled, the Dos and Don'ts of WEEE Disposal.

Dangers Regarding Health and the Environment

As well as the risks losing sensitive and confidential data there is also a risk to the environment. Indeed some electrical and electronic products can contain harmful materials which may include things such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

These chemicals can be very dangerous, for example lead poisoning can affect all of the body's organs; including the nervous system. e-waste items such as computers contain toxic materials such as zinc, nickel, and chromium which could harm the environment if not disposed of carefully. Toxins within the metals could leach into groundwater if the e-waste is land filled and additionally toxic chemicals could be released into the air.

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