We understand that for many people waste legislation such as The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 can be confusing. To make things easier and provide you with a simple and easy to read guide, here is a list of the Dos and Don'ts for WEEE disposal.

But First, What Is WEEE?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment;here is a quick rule of thumb to help you identify items of WEEE.

“WEEE includes most products that have a plug or need a battery" (source Health and Safety Executive)

Items of WEEE cannot be disposed of in the general waste stream. They require a specialist disposal service. At Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd, we provide a professional, legally compliant and responsible waste disposal service for waste electrical and electronic equipment. Give our friendly team a call today and enquire about our WEEE disposal service for more information.

WEEE Disposal; The Dos & Don'ts


1. Abide By Waste Legislation
Waste legislation is very important;however we understand that many can find it difficult and confusing. That is why we have trained personnel available to help explain regulations such as The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013, The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 and other important regulations like The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005.

2. Check The With Manufacturer To See If They Have A 'Take Back Scheme'
Some manufacturers have'take back schemes' where they collect waste items of waste electrical and electronic equipment and responsibly dispose of them.

So next time you purchase new electronic equipment, ask the manufacturer ift hey offer a take back scheme.

3. Speak To A Professional Waste Management Business
Speaking to a skilled professional is very important, especially with regards to potentially harmful items of waste such as waste electrical or electronic equipment. Additionally as there are numerous pieces of waste legislation to comply with, it can be very beneficial to speak to a business that is skilled in numerous different types of waste disposal.


1. Throw Away WEEE As General Waste
In today's society electrical items are widely considered to be general everyday items. According to a recent report from Deloitte, a third of Smartphone users reach for their device within the first five minutes of waking, so some could find it confusing to learn that electronic and electrical equipment is not considered to be general waste when the time comes to dispose of it.

Many items are considered WEEE;remember, if it has a plug or a battery, it's likely considered an item of electrical or electronic equipment and as such,requires specialist disposal such as a WEEE disposal service from a professional waste management business.

2. Forget About Sensitive Data In Electronic Items Such As Computers
Electronic items such as computers, phones and laptops can contain sensitive information. It is not sufficient to merely delete files, as deleted files can be recovered. Even after being dropped from a 2nd storey apartment, being run over by a car or being trapped in a burning building; the data on a hard drive can still potentially be recovered (source File Savers)

This is because when you delete a file, the file isn't erased, it is simply marked as empty, waiting for new data to write over the existing data. As explained by Michael Stevens in his educational video 'Where Do Deleted Files Go?' deleting a file is similar to removing a file's entry in the contents page of a book. It appears like the space is empty, however if you look at the page; the data is still there.

So how do you remove sensitive digital data? There are numerous different paths that you can take. Three of the most common methods are overwriting the data,degaussing the hard drive and destroying the hard drive (usually by shredding).

3. Burn Items Of Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment
This is a big no for many reasons. Firstly waste electrical and electronic equipment can have hazardous materials that are very dangerous to human health or the environment. Secondly as written above, if there is sensitive data on your electronic equipment; the sensitive data may still be recoverable.

Don't burn your waste, dispose of it responsibly using a professional waste service.

4. Fly Tip Your Business's Waste
Did you know that in Yorkshire 114 large scale tipping sites were closed down in 2016? (source ITV) Fly tipping is a serious offence;if you are caught in the act of fly tipping, you could be issued a penalty notice of up to £400!

Make sure that you dispose of your business's waste using a professional waste management business and that that business has a waste carrier licence. There is an easy way to check if a business is licensed, simply enter their name on the Environment Agency's website and search for them. If you search for Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd, you will find that we are registered as a “Carrier,Broker, Dealer - Upper Tier".

Trust The Waste Management Experts At Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd

If you are in need of a professional WEEE disposal service to manage the waste electrical and electronic equipment produced by your business, speak to the experts at AWS.

Not only will you receive unrivalled nationwide costumer service but you will also be able to take advantage of our industry leading IT system with a customer portal; giving you access to all of your documents and reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With A Professional Waste Solution From AWS

Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd is trusted by numerous professionals throughout the United Kingdom. If you're concerned about waste legislation,WEEE disposal or even about Brexit and if it will have an impact on waste management, talk to us.

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