There are many reasons why you should choose to manage your waste with a waste management solution that includes a Site Waste Management Plan. Especially with regards to waste that is produced through construction and demolition projects. Indeed as found in a consultation regarding Site Waste Management Plans, the government found that such plans are often considered to be a very cost effective way of managing waste.

In addition to being a cost effective solution, such waste management plans can also be a fantastic way of helping your business to manage and dispose of your construction waste in a responsible and ethical manner. This is why it is important that all construction companies must think about undertaking a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) as part of their waste management solution. A SWMP will ensure that the waste produced by the relevant site(s) is dealt with more effectively, thus reducing the potential harm that wastage has on the environment.

How Waste Management Solutions, such as a SWMP, have a Positive Effect on the Environment

You can't help but to have noticed that recycling and reuse is a key component of managing our waste. Not only is it done to make better use of materials that would otherwise be buried in landfill, it's also done to cut down on that very practice – the creation of even more landfill.

You can't help but to have noticed that recycling and reuse is a key component of managing our waste. Not only is it done to make better use of materials that would otherwise be buried in landfill, it's also done to cut down on that very practice – the creation of even more landfill.

When packed, crushed and buried together in land, waste will eventually break down and produce CO2 and methane gas that will affect the land and the wider environment around it. Commonly referred to as greenhouse gases, high levels of such gas will contribute to climate change and affect us all – so you can see why there is a big push for us all to cut down on the waste we send to landfill.

By creating a Site Waste Management Plan, a construction company can allocate just the right amount of materials that they need to complete their projects. Whatever waste is left over can be recycled and reused in the future, saving on the amount of landfill that would have otherwise been produced.

What Exactly is a SWMP?

A SWMP should ideally be created before construction on the project begins; this is done to estimate the volumes and different types of waste produced.

The three main aims that a SWMP is designed to achieve, include:

  • An Improvement in Efficiency and Costs. Disposing of large volumes of materials into landfill costs much time and money; so reusing, recycling and recovering the waste produced will help to cut these costs, whilst also improving the sustainability of the project that's being worked on.

  • A Reduction in Fly-Tipping. The practice of fly-tipping costs local authorities much time and money in removing waste that has been dumped in public areas. Often, the waste can also have an adverse affect on the local environment too – which has led to the government to introduce heavy fines (and even in some cases, prison sentences) for those who undertake the practice. This underlines the importance of ensuring that we all dispose of our waste in an environmentally-compliant manner as part of our waste management solutions. This is why keeping an audit of the waste produced and removed from a building site to a licensed disposal facility is a vital part of a SWMP.

  • Promoting Environmental Issues. As briefly mentioned, the effects of waste can have a huge impact on the environment. By placing the environmental performance of their business at the heart of their operations, then the company will be promoting best practice in regards to disposing of waste, which is likely to have a positive effect on its staff.

The Added Benefits of Implementing a SWMP

It's important to note that whilst producing a SWMP was once a legal requirement for projects costing over £300,000 (The Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008) this law was repealed in the government's drive to cut 'the red tape' when it came to undertaking construction projects. However, some local authorities may still insist on the presentation of one, to meet the requirements of BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method); a certification that is used to assess the sustainability of the planned construction.

It's also still considered good practice for companies to continue to undertake such plans as part of their waste management solutions; a better-organised job will be one that is completed on time and made safe; benefitting both the constructors and the business it is serving.

Aside from the benefits provided by the main aims of the SWMP, additional benefits of implementing one include:

  • Win Future Projects. With the construction company able to display their abilities to undertake a project to the letter AND by complying with best industry practice, it will make them a more attractive business to work with, to those with new and exciting projects to contract out.
  • Save Time with Compliance. If for any reason the local authority or the Environment Agency require any information about the waste that is created on-site, a site waste management plan will help to answer any questions clearly and effectively – saving much time.
  • Understand the Costs Involved. Thrashing out a SWMP beforehand will help you to understand (and cater for) the costs involved in taking care of your waste.

Professional Waste Management, from Advanced Waste Solutions

Having been operating within the waste removal industry for many years now, we can proudly say that our waste management solutions will certainly provide all the above benefits. No amount or type of waste is irremovable – we have a proven track record in carrying out quick and effective work regardless of the project in question. Quite simply, we will help you to create the most cost-effective SWMP and ensure that the all the waste is removed and as much of it is recycled as possible. Want to know more? Then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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