Confidential Waste Collection

When it comes to old documents that need throwing out, Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd understands the trouble it can cause to a business.

Here to help

Every business has a legal obligation under the (EU) 2016 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the data they hold, be it in digital or physical format So when it comes to the disposal of office waste, it can be very difficult to know the correct process. AWS will advise you how to remain compliant with GDPR when disposing of your confidential office waste.

Confidential Waste

Our shredding services:

What's the purpose?

The disposal of office waste has to be done carefully. It is not uncommon for a competitor to search through bins outside of a business to find customers' personal details. With our confidential waste collections we will help to reduce identify theft, as well as shredding confidential waste to recycle materials. With our confidential waste shredding, we are able to recycle documents and dispose of personal data in a way that will help towards sustaining our environment.

The benefits

By arranging your confidential waste collections; you are complying with the rules and regulations that every business has to follow. The destruction of personal data has to be done in a way that it cannot be used, and of course it has to be kept secure. With our services, you know that your documents are in safe hands. We always take extra precautions to ensure that your office waste is safe and we will promise to shred and recycle your documents so that the data will be destroyed under the correct process.

With a very difficult contract with restricted access/out of hour works/minimal storage space the AWS team worked extremely closely with our site team removing waste from site and it was very much hassle free via both phone and online!

- Simon Lawrence, Project Manager, Midas Construction -

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