A front end loader tends to be smaller than a REL but is also used to for large quantities of compactable waste. Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Front End Loaders from 6 to 10 cubic yards.

The Purpose

For industrial and commercial companies that need to dispose of large amounts of waste, a FEL is perfect. It is kept on the premises and can be locked if needed. AWS can empty the Front End Loader regularly to ensure that it is always in use. Like the REL, the FEL needs to accessible for emptying and there must be sufficient room on site for it. A Front End Loader serves the same purpose as the Rear End Loader (REL).

About FELs

This type of container is ideal for industrial and commercial businesses that produce large quantities of compactable waste. A Front End Loader is kept on site and emptied when required. It should be noted that they require more access and room on site.

The Benefits

2 Yard Open Skip

6 Cubic Yards

  • Width: 1m 83cm
  • Height: 1m 70cm
  • Length: 1m 67cm
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2 Yard Open Skip

8 Cubic Yards

  • Width: 1m 83cm
  • Height: 1m 83cm
  • Length: 1m 83cm
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2 Yard Open Skip

10 Cubic Yards

  • Width: 2m 02cm
  • Height: 2m 17cm
  • Length: 2m 19cm
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All figures shown are approximate.

When Deciding

If you choose a Front End Loader for your property, you need to take into consideration the size of a FEL. As it requires a lot of space, you should always make sure that you have enough room for it, and that it will be easily accessible by lorry or truck. If you need to use a public highway, a permit might be needed. Our sales team will be pleased to help you decide which container will be most suitable for your needs, and at the same time offers the best value for money - call our experienced team today on 01202 870833.

With a very difficult contract with restricted access/out of hour works/minimal storage space the AWS team worked extremely closely with our site team removing waste from site and it was very much hassle free via both phone and online!

- Simon Lawrence, Project Manager, Midas Construction -

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