Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste can be very dangerous, there are numerous risks involved with the management and disposal of waste that is classified as hazardous. As such, we recommend you speak to a business that is skilled in hazardous waste management.

Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd are trained in the disposal of waste that is classified as hazardous and can provide a disposal solution for the waste produced by your business in a responsible and legally compliant manner.


Hazardous Waste. What Is It?

There are many different types of waste and each type requires an appropriate waste disposal solution. Some types of waste are considered hazardous. As explained on Gov.uk, in England you have a responsibility to make sure that no harm or damage is caused by waste that is produced or handled by your business.

Additionally, businesses in England and Wales that produce waste that is classified as hazardous must register with the Environment Agency.

Hazardous Waste And The Law

Hazardous waste refers to any waste classified as hazardous by the European Waste Catalogue and The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005.

Waste that is classified as hazardous can pose a threat to health or the environment. It must be segregated from the general waste stream and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

If you fail to dispose of hazardous waste in an appropriate manner, you could face some serious penalties. The penalties for failing to comply with the regulations can be found within the regulations which you can read by clicking the above link.

Two of the penalties listed in the penalties section of the regulations are as follows:

“(2) A person who commits an offence under regulation 65 or 68 in connection with any other requirement under these Regulations shall be liable—

(a)on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum; or

(b)on conviction on indictment,to a fine or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or to both."

This just an example of the penalties that can be found within the regulations. If you would like help understanding the regulations, our team can provide you with professional legislation advice. Our team can advise you with regards to what is needed to comply with existing legislation and also to prepare for any future changes in legislation.

Examples Of Waste That Are Classified As Hazardous

There are numerous different types of waste that can be classified as hazardous. Some examples are as follows:

The above list does not contain every type of waste that is classified as hazardous; there are many different types of waste that are classified as such. Each type of waste requires a specialist waste service in order to dispose of it in a responsible and legally compliant manner.

For example, the hazardous waste asbestos requires a specialist waste disposal service because asbestos has the potential to cause mesothelioma. If you need a hazardous waste service to remove asbestos from your building, you can visit our page about asbestos removal.

Hazardous Waste Management From Advanced Waste Solutions Ltd

We understand that many businesses find waste legislation and regulations difficult to understand. That's why we have a team of trained personnel to provide advice about legislation. So give us a call and enquire about our hazardous waste management services.

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